Skyrim DLC Hearthfire Arrives On Xbox 360

Hearthfire, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's second downloadable content pack, made its debut today. It can be downloaded through Xbox Live for 400 MS Points, or $5.

This add-on allows players to create their own home. You'll use tools like a drafting table and workbench to create structures from raw materials. Over time you can add a stable, alchemy laboratory, armory and other amenities to your estate.

Players can also populate the estate with NPCs. You can ask your spouse to move into the home, and then adopt an orphan to live with you. A bard and carriage driver will make your life a bit easier if hired. One of your followers can be appointed steward to reduce the micromanagement involved with the home.

This DLC isn't completely free of violence, though. You'll have to defend your estate against giants and other attackers. There's also some talk of kidnappers, who are presumably trying to snatch up your children.

Hearthfire arrived on Xbox 360 first as part of an exclusivity agreement between Bethesda and Microsoft. The terms of the agreement state that this DLC will only be available on the 360 for 30 days. The PC should receive it shortly after that period expires.

PS3 players' chances of receiving this DLC are slimmer. Bethesda recently admitted that they're having trouble getting the first DLC, Dawnguard, to function properly on that platform. They indicated that they might face similar difficulties with other DLC.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.