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Today Blue Isle Studios and Parsec Productions opened up pre-orders for Slender: The Arrival. By pre-ordering the horror game, players can get access to the PC beta today.

Pre-order customers will also be able to get the game for $5 instead of the usual $10. However, you can also pay $10 if you want. There's no bonus for doing so other than the satisfaction that you're supporting indie game development.

The developers are also offering three premium editions of Arrival. For $15, you'll get the game, beta access, and a digital copy of the soundtrack. The $25 Special Edition has everything previously mentioned plus five high-res paintings from the game. The most expensive offering is the $60 Producer's Edition, which gives you all of those extras and includes your name in the game's credits.

Slender: The Arrival is the follow-up to Slender: The Eight Pages, released last summer for free. In Eight Pages, players had to collect pieces of paper in a dark, foggy forest. While doing so, they must avoid a faceless horror known as the Slender Man.

Arrival follows the same basic blueprint as its predecessor. However, it's said to have a larger game world, a more detailed story and more varied gameplay. Furthermore, the graphics and sound have been improved.

Arrival will launch on the PC and Mac on March 26th. Linux, Xbox 360, PS3 and mobile versions are also being considered but haven't been confirmed yet.

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