Space Sim MMO Star Conflict Announced For PC

Star Gem announced their first game today, entitled Star Conflict. It's a massive multiplayer space simulation in development for the PC. The game puts players at the front line of an interplanetary war.

Star Conflict takes place thousands of years into the future. Mankind has spread throughout the galaxy. Various empires and mercenary groups battle for dominance. When ruins of a great civilization are discovered in a remote sector of the galaxy, mercenaries and adventurers flock there to seek priceless artifacts. In order to acquire these riches, treasure-hunters must battle competitors and avoid the many dangers of the sector.

The MMO is said to put players in control of a wide range of starships. Players explore the far reaches of space, form alliances, and strive to become the hottest pilot in the galaxy. They'll probably pick a fight or two in the process.

The first screenshots for Star Conflict are below.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.