Star Wars Battlefront 3 Leaked Footage Shows Huge Battle For Coruscant

There's some brand new leaked footage from the cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3 game that Free Radical was working on. The footage mostly takes place over the congested urban landscape of Coruscant, featuring some sky and space battles.

The footage comes courtesy of YouTuber ptoponline who lets loose six minutes of gameplay from the canned version of the game that was originally due out on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The Coruscant mission seemed to involve using the starfighters to destroy radio towers on the building. I'm not entirely sure what other parameters the mission entailed but the player could also venture up into the sky and attack the star cruisers in space.

One of the core gameplay components that Free Radical was working on was seamlessly blending space battles with ground battles. There would be no space battle maps, just space battles happening over the standard maps. It was an ambitious reach from the developer to truly evolve the way multiplayer combat took place and how actual battlefronts could be waged on foot, in the sky and in space.

However, there were claims that the game had stability issues, presumably due to it exceeding the RAM budget for the Xbox 360 and PS3. According to one of the Free Radical employees, the game's most important feature – the online multiplayer component – was mostly done and finished, which they believed was the hardest part of designing the game.

The single-player campaign seemed to have a lot of its components finished as well, but given how little we've seen of it, it's impossible to tell how for along it was. The video only shows a snippet of a few of the characters on a destroyer vessel prepping for the next mission. It seems cool that players can freely walk around to activate the cinematics, but it's hard to tell if that was designed that way or just part of the debugging prototype.

The video finishes up with a look at Yavin's temple. There isn't much but the stage looks spacious enough and it's a standard Conquest mission type.

The comment section is full of angry gamers who are thoroughly disappointed that this is not the Star Wars: Battlefront they're getting this holiday season. LucasArts cancelled Free Radical's Battlefront on the grounds that it wasn't meeting its targets, but rumors also spurred that it was during a time where someone over LucasArts wanted to change the direction away from violent games, hence the rumored cancellation of Star Wars: 1313.

Anyway, the bottom line is that the Star Wars: Battlefront game that a lot of people wanted is not the game they're getting. You can check out some of the major reasons why this latest Battlefront from DICE does not live up to the legacy of the first two games from Pandemic.

At least we know that Free Radical planned on keeping space battles as part of the experience and at least multi-crew vehicles were still present, along with dodging, repairing, Clone War era and absolutely massive maps. It looked like Battlefront 3 was going to be a true successor to Battlefront 2, but it just didn't happen.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.