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This weekend, attendees of the MLG Spring Championship were able to go hands-on with StarCraft 2's first expansion Heart of the Swarm. Those of us not lucky enough to attend were provided a video that previews the new units that the game features.

All three factions will have new forces at their command in multiplayer. For example, the Zerg get a Swarm Host that can burrow and then spawn small units called Locusts over and over. Protoss will get an air unit called an Oracle that can cloak allies or put barriers over enemy resources to slow their economies. Terrans, meanwhile, receive small mechs called Warhounds that specialize in taking out mechanical forces.

Swarm will also add a new campaign that continues where the initial SC2 campaign left off. Players will take on the role of Kerrigan as she seeks to regain control of the Zerg and take revenge on her enemies. This campaign will let players try out many of the new units before they venture out into multiplayer.

Blizzard expects to release Heart of the Swarm sometime this year.

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