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Blizzard and the Major League Gaming eSports tournament organization have parted ways. Why? Because of bureaucratic nonsense. Isn't that always the reason why these silly things happen? On the more factual side of things, there were some negotiation breakdowns because of imposed restrictions set by Blizzard.

GameSkinny picked up the story from the official MLG website, where the CEO, Sundance DiGiovani, openly stated that...
Given the structure of the relationship and the impact on the organization, players and community, we feel it will better serve the eSports ecosystem to run tournaments independently. We thank the community for participating in and watching Season 1, look forward to showcasing StarCraft II at the MLG Spring Championship, and wish the players participating in World Series Championship Season 2 the best of luck.


PC Gamer wasn't content with MLG simply making an announcement about them going their separate ways from Blizzard and managed to grab a quote from TotalBiscuit who spoke to PCGamesN, saying...
“They had to host at an EU-unfriendly time,” ... “So you lock out your biggest audience by default and are then expected to recoup via sponsorship and ad revenue. What? The amount of money MLG had to spend… was outrageous.”

Some core gamers are confused, disappointed, angry, baffled, calm, relaxed, fine, glad, and elated about the change. Say what?

Well, word around the block is that NASL, the North American Starcraft League over at, will do more than enough to pick up the slack for MLG dropping StarCraft II from their tournament line-up at WCS America.

It seems like a pretty hardboiled move on the MLG's part, despite TotalBiscuit's claim that the money they were shelling out was massive. The eSports league is a pretty big thing for core StarCraft players and it has garnered quite a bit of attention in the video meta-communities, despite eSports still not receiving the attention or promotion in print and text-based gaming publications.

Still, Major League Gaming has said their bit and made their peace and we'll see if they have anything quite as popular as StarCraft II to fill the void at their World Championship Series besides League of Legends, but given the popularity of MOBA style games it might not be too far fetched to think that Infinite Crisis might be able to help flesh out some new blood for the eSports organization in the long run of things.

For more info feel free to pay a visit to the official MLG website.

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