Starbound's Water Physics Showcased In New Trailer

Billed as the spiritual successor to Terraria, Chucklefish's Starbound is an online procedurally generated sandbox RPG of sorts. The developers released a new video for the game featuring the water physics and how liquids play a part in puzzle solving and exploration.

DIY Gamer picked up on the new trailer from the official Starbound website, where the video gives gamers a visual walkthrough of what to expect from the liquid physics and letting gamers' imaginations run wild with all the possibilities attached to such a feature. Check it out below.

The water trailer doesn't give a lot of unbeknownst gamers a good idea of what the actual game is like or about. The art and aesthetics are readily appealing, though, and the soundtrack, provided by Curtis Schweitzer is phenomenal but for gamers who are still scratching their head on what Starbound is about, let me give you a quick rundown: imagine a sandbox game where you're trying to get back to your home planet and you have venture across the galaxy to procedurally generated planets in order to do so.

The hub of the game, the space station, enables players to advance tech, build mechs, research new equipment and discover new species. The game aims to capture the strong individualized sense of adventure from the SNES era with today's technology and artistic scope. In other words, this is what video games are all about, folks.

You can learn more about Starbound by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.