Born Ready Games announced today that they are planning to reward loyal Kickstarter backers with some free content. The developers announced that two brand new playable mech suits have been added to their third-person space arcade game, Strike Suit Zero. Those who backed the game during the pledge drive will receive a free code to access the content.

The two new suits are the Marauder and the Raptor. The Marauder is a heavy, aerial tank of sorts that puts players in a strike suit that is – based on Born Ready Games' description of the suit – a close relative to something from Mechwarrior. The suit contains a heavy laser cannon and can dish out as much damage as it can take. For those who like getting into the thick of things you might really like the Marauder style suit.

The second suit – the Raptor – is designed for players who like getting in quick, dishing massive damage and getting out quick. It's a fast, lightly armored strike suit designed for fast and precise attacks. Its special weapon is a scatter shotgun that has high damage in close range encounters, but it's not very effective at mid and long range encounters. This means that if you want to deal some serious damage you'll have to get in close and go in hard or don't bother going in at all. The Raptor is definitely a suit designed for tactical players.

The new suits are available right now for Kickstarter backers and non-Kickstarter backers can grab them as well, just not for free. You can pick up a digital copy of Strike Suit Zero right now from Steam, or visit the Official Website to learn more about the game.

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