Super Mario Bros. Stop-Motion Video Looks Good Enough To Eat

This latest Super Mario Bros. video is pretty sweet, by which I mean it looks tasty enough to snack on. Get ready to experience the mustachioed plumber like you've never seen him before: taking on the enemies of the Mushroom Kingdom in cookie form.

Posted on Youtube by gamerboymedia, this latest fan creation inspired by the world of Super Mario Bros. is a stop-motion trek into the world of deliciousness.

You remember how Princess Peach invited Mario to the castle in Super Mario 64 because she baked a cake for him? Well, “Super Bakery Bros.” decides to take take that promise to a whole other level with this “tasty” trek down memory lane.

What's great about this take on the Mario universe is that it doesn't just feature a scrumptious cookie Mario walking around on a flat plane. Instead, he's on a cake that rotates, revealing the next piece of World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bro. as it spins around.

They also went the extra mile with the “animations.” Mario doesn't quite make it over a warp pipe and has to try again at one point, for instance, and then has to jump three times before he finds one of the level's hidden blocks.

Toward the end of the level, they go into full-on speedrun mode, moving quickly through the goombas and between obstacles with precision in order to reach the flagpole at the end of the level. And the cherry on top? Well, it's an actual cherry on top, which pops up when the fireworks go off after entering the end-of-level castle.

If you stay tuned after the video, you'll get a quick look at the painstakingly slow process that went into making the project. The fact that people are willing to put in this much time and effort to create a one-minute video dedicated to a classic game is kind of heart-warming and also just a little bit terrifying. That's far more patience than most of us are able to comprehend.

What's extra crazy is how this little gem has gone completely unnoticed for over a year. The gaming community is usually pretty quick to pick up on, well, everything, churning out stories on music videos or trailer recreations made in Grand Theft Auto V, cosplayers that really nail their costume and the like. This particular clip was posted in 2014 and we're only somehow just now hearing about it. It just goes to show that as compact as the land of cyberspace can feel these days, it's still a pretty massive place.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.