Super Mario Bros. 3 Designer Confirms Decades-Old Fan Rumor

There have been a lot of rumors about Nintendo characters over the years, ranging from the mundane to the purely outrageous. We've seen a lot of theories about Super Mario Bros. over the years as well, and some of those theories have actually been confirmed by Miyamoto himself.

Kotaku picked up a tweet from the official Nintendo U.K., Twitter account where legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed some hidden secrets about the history of Super Mario, one of which is completely crazy yet completely true: Super Mario Bros. 3 was all just a stage show!

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We also learn that Mario doesn't break bricks with his head but with his fist. All that time I was under the impression Mario had an iron head or was attempting to find someone to cause manual brain damage, but in reality he was always blasting apart those bricks and blocks with the power of his iron fists. It all makes sense now.

In fact, this actually coincides with Mario's martial arts abilities in Super Mario 64. It all seemed bizarre at first that this fat little plumber was pulling off Jean-Claude Van Damme-worthy jump kicks and Bruce Lee power punches, but if he had the fists of fury all along and was actually busting open bricks and beating down bad guys with his plumber palm techniques, then Super Mario 64 wasn't showing us new Mario techniques, they were just exemplifying techniques he had all along... in 3D.

But the fist-breaking-bricks revelation came secondary to the fact that Super Mario Bros. 3 is actually all just a stage show.

There's a meme that floated around about how the strings holding up the platforms and the curtain unveiling the menus and the stage coming to an end after finishing each level were all hints that none of it was real: Mario was just part of an act.

Miyamoto revealed that it was true, that third outing of Super Mario Bros. was just a stage show. It's crazy to think that but I suppose it also means Bowser isn't really evil in that one since it's all just make believe. That's some Matrix level Inception right there.

Anyways, these big reveals have occurred in connection with the release of Super Mario Maker. The game is the Wii U's big September release and Nintendo is doing what they can to hype up the game's presence whenever possible. It's not really GTA or Call of Duty levels of hype, but for Nintendo fans it's likely enough to get them talking and thinking about the game, assuming they weren't already.

Oh yeah and the other big surprise is that apparently Miyamoto is Bowser Jr's mother? How does that even work? What? The creator had a tough time keeping from breaking out in pure laughter on that one but it'll give the internet something to mull over and laugh about as Super Mario Maker rolls out across the globe to a retailer near you.

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