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Mario Party Coming To Nintendo 3DS

A brand new Mario Party experience has been announced today for Nintendo's portable juggernaut, the 3DS. The upcoming title has no subtitle and is simply being called Mario Party as a working title for now. But as the video demonstration showcases, the new game makes full use of the 3DS' capabilities.

As usual, the new game hosts a variety of mini-games and characterized situations centered around the Mario-experience. This means that gamers will participate in a selection of quick-thinking events to try to one-up the competition any way possible while collecting stars.

The inclusion of a sort of “catch up” mechanic should prove to be interesting, especially during multiplayer bouts where one player finds that they are left behind further than Rayford Steele and crew from Tim LaHaye's fictional series. The main idea is that the mechanic works very similar to the special abilities from Mario Kart.

While enough gameplay was showcased in the video above, there are still a ton of questions not yet answered regarding the game, like how many players will it support and what sort of multiplayer options will be made available? This seems pretty important for a Mario Party title. Hopefully Nintendo will roll out some additional details soon. For more information on the game or to keep abreast of all the new info that rolls out, feel free to pay a visit to Nintendo's official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.