With the launch of a new Super Smash Bros. just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what surprises might be in store for that final roster. Here are my top five dream picks for Nintendo's latest mascot brawler.

First, the parameters: This is a dream roster for a fighting game where Mario can punch a Pokemon in the face, so I didn't worry about whether or not my picks were all that realistic, or if licensing would be impossible, or anything like that. Put simply, these are the five characters I most want to play as in the upcoming Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U.

Second, I wanted to think a little bit outside the box for some of these. A couple will be rather obvious, but I really wanted to dig into memories of some of my favorite Nintendo experiences to come up with a couple less likely (though equally awesome) candidates.

Finally, I didn't want these characters to be from any of the franchises already included in the game. As much as I love Smash, I'm a little frustrated by the fact that Nintendo consoles are home to thousands of amazing characters, yet a handful of series get half a dozen brawlers thrown in while plenty of other great franchises go unrepresented.

Nintendo has made quite a few roster announcements up until this point (some of which were not exactly intentional), but I'm still hoping that someone from my dream team will make an appearance. So, without further ado, here's the list.

The Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy)
It can be easy to forget that the Final Fantasy series got its start on Nintendo consoles, and some folks even hold that FFVI for the SNES is the best of the lot, period. As for me, I'll always remember my first trek through the original Final Fantasy. I absolutely adored the artistic representations of the original Warrior of Light, complete with blue armor and a helmet sporting massive horns. The guy just looks legendary as all get out and his sword/shield combo are a perfect weapon set for a game like Smash. Final Fantasy is ripe with magic and summons to help round out his abilities, and of course we'd need an appearance from a chocobo for good measure. (Side note: I would be willing to accept a member of the Bravely Default cast as an alternate inclusion, since that's a bit more relevant to modern gamers.)

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