Super Smash Bros. Trailer Reveals Fire Emblem Characters, Captain Falcon

Several new characters have been added to the roster for the Wii U's version of Super Smash Bros. We get to see quite a few new characters on display for Nintendo's prime-time fighting game, including several new characters from Fire Emblem and the always indomitable Captain Falcon.

The trailer starts with Lucina battling it out against Falcon, while a downed Chrom lays in the corner. Falcon proceeds to lay a whooping on Lucina and preps for a Falcon Punch to finish the fight. However, Robin swoops in to save the day, giving Lucina some respite from the battle with Falcon.

The trailer then transitions from the cinematics to the actual gameplay, and we get to see Robin dropping some magnificent swordplay and magical spells against all on-comers.

Robin looks a lot like Palutena, as far as play-style goes. There's a strong mix of swordplay and magic attacks thrown into the mix that offers gamers what looks to be a nice mid and air game for players who don't like sticking to the ground.

Lucina, alternatively, is all about brute force and fast attack strikes that gives players something fast and snappy to throw out against opponents. She's almost like a mix between little Link and Ike.

Of course, we can't forget about Captain Falcon. He comes in bringing all sorts of agility and power attacks. That's not to mention that he looked pretty darn good fighting in that cinematic sequence. You could tell that the artists and animators really enjoyed putting Falcon on a pedestal of awesome.

In addition to this, they also reveal that gamers who would prefer playing Robin as a female can do so with a template swap. Yes, one of Robin's alt costumes is to turn into a female Robin. I'm willing to bet all the fallout over the Ubisoft situation caused Nintendo to throw that in there for all the Social Justice Warriors out there.

Super Smash Bros. is scheduled to arrive this holiday season for the Wii U. The game will bring together a lot of old favorites and new faces. There were some hints about the game's content at this year's Smash tournament that took place at E3, but the stages and items were kept to a minimum.

Even still, we did get to see how some of the specials worked out for characters like Mega Man and Little Mac. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see any of Pac-Man's gameplay on display and we also didn't get to see any of the characters from the reveal that took place at this year's E3.

Nevertheless, Nintendo has done a fantastic job of showcasing various characters and content leading up to the game's release this holiday season on the Wii U. You can learn more about the characters and content by paying a visit to the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.