Sword Coast Legends Confirmed For Xbox One And PS4

Dungeons & Dragons is venturing back into the land of video games with the announcement that n-Space and Digital Extremes will be launching Sword Coast Legends, a new RPG adventure, for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later this year.

Set to release in “late 2015,” according to Business Wire, players can expect all of the traditional top-down questing goodness of classic games set within the world of D&D, yet to arrive on modern consoles. In case you’re thinking that Sword Coast Legends sounds familiar, it’s because a PC, Mac and Linux version were already announced a while back, and have now been officially given a launch date of Sept. 8.

According to Director Dan Tudge, Sword Coast Legends will offer up all of the typical questing and looting players expect out of games set within the Forgotten Realms, with the added bonus of party-based gameplay.

“We’ve had a clear goal since day one to evoke the classic D&D experience between four players and a Dungeon Master, and to bring back memories of the great D&D games of the past,” Tudge added. “…They clamored for console…so we circled back and figured out how to do it without compromising our vision for PC gamers.”

According to D&D brand director Nathan Stewart, the team sees bringing Sword Coast Legends to more platforms as nothing but a good thing.

“We love that Sword Coast Legends delivers the authentic D&D experience by letting friends tell great fantasy stories together,” Stewart said. “With SCL being available on so many platforms, it doesn’t matter if you game on a couch, at the kitchen table or your desk—you’ll be able to join your party for some glorious D&D dungeon delves.”

Along with a “massive story campaign,” the development team is promising deep character customization, party-based gameplay, NPC interaction and an “active and reactive Dungeon Master” to put players through their paces.

The game will also include campaign creation tools for crafting additional adventures, rules pulled from the current Fifth Edition of the core game, as well as plans for lots of DLC and additional modules.

At launch, Sword Coast Legends will set you back the usual $60 for the standard edition and a whopping $239.99 for the collector’s edition, which boasts a Tome of Knowledge, a cloth map, the official soundtrack, a bunch of in-game bonuses and starter items, as well as a statue of the demon Belaphoss.

If you’re gaming on Steam or the PlayStation 4, though, you can go ahead and pre-order the game for a discounted $34.99. As an added bonus, PS4 pre-orders will also net you $10 worth of in-game currency for the free-to-play action title, Warframe.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.