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As far as promotional Flash games go, this is one of the strangest. Codemasters has released a Flash game for DiRT 2 that allows you to tattoo a woman's boobs.

Obviously this is not a very "safe for work" activity. You can use a combination of letter/picture stencils or free draw to decorate the young lady's funbags. All the while, a female voice is giving you little encouragements like "Looks like you have some hidden talents" and "I like the personal touch." Yes, it gets weird quickly.

When you're done, you're given the option of downloading the picture of the inked-up chest as a 1024x768 or 1280x800 wallpaper. Alternately, you can email it to friends or share it through Facebook or Flickr. Perfect, because I know I'd like my friends/family to know I've been doodling on virtual breasts all day.

As you would undoubtedly conclude from this Flash app, DiRT 2 is a racing game. It arrives on September 8th in North America and September 10th in Europe.