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Have you wanted to be in control of a zombie and wreck havoc on the life-breathers ever since getting your hands on Stubbs The Zombie In Rebel Without A Pulse? Sure you have. While some games like Left 4 Dead let players control some zeds, it wasn't really authentic given that it was just PVP, however this newest game from The Gentleman Squid called Three Dead Zed is a story-based title centered around some angry zombies.

The game was recently added to Steam's Greenlight process, enabling users to pile onto the page and express their opinions about playing the socially oppressed zombies who have – in the last half decade – emerged as a villainous scapegoat for warm-flesh to express their anger in the form of unleashing headshots and violent machinations against the cold-flesh.

Well, Gentleman Squid wasn't having any of that anymore; they're bringing up the important sociological issues currently plaguing zombies, and pouring it into the spotlight, giving this group of violently denigrated non-peoples a chance to shine in their very own game. Check it out below.

The game is surprisingly well polished and the ability to switch between the three different zeds is a nice touch.

My only gripe would be – and this has more to do with the vision of the game rather than the mechanics themselves – is that zombie culture isn't necessarily embraced too much with this game given that even though you're playing as the zombies you can't really infect and zombify others. I know, I know, it's a minor thing that doesn't really take away from the game itself but I just thought it was worth pointing out.

Anyway, if you want to get in on the action and this is a game you would like to see represented on Steam's store page, feel free to head to the Official Greenlight Page and upvote the game.

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