The bullet-hell sub-genre isn't usually explored much outside of small, niche development studios, however BitComposer and Most Wanted Entertainment wants to bring some prestige back to the genre with the fast-paced, 3D aerial action game, Thunder Wolves. The debut trailer looks dynamic and actually pretty cool for a budget-priced title.

The action is laid on thick and while at first this might seem like a poor man's spinoff of the Ace Combat series, I'm actually glad that the team took the route of going big instead of going home. All the aircraft on screen getting the crap blown out of them while they attempt to lay waste of the enemy in an equally destructive manner is enough to get a rise out of any core gamer.

Perhaps this is a pseudo spinoff to the Strike series, which I think ended with Nuclear Strike? The original Desert/Jungle Strike series gained a lot of popularity on the Sega Genesis back when we all loved Electronic Arts – back when the tri-shaped logo meant that we were getting some darn fine gaming out of them.

Anyway, Thunder Wolves seems to be a mix of what you get when you combine Air Wolf with the Expendables and I'm liking it. You can look for the game to launch sometime during the seond quarter of this year. For more information be sure to pay a visit to the game's official website.

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