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Runic Games, the Seattle-based developer of action RPG Torchlight, declared its oppositon to the Stop Online Piracy Act today. They're encouraging gamers to stand against the legislation as well.

"The question has been asked regarding our company's official position on the current SOPA/PIPA debate in Congress," reads a dev post on the company's forums. "It is clear that the scope of the proposed legislation would give unnecessarily broad power to large corporations while reducing the rights of individual citizens -- and it won't even stop software piracy."

"We at Runic Games oppose the SOPA/PIPA legislation and we encourage you to do the same. Call your representatives ( and let them know what you think. Also, check out, and join the community at to fight this legislation. We can still make a difference."

Runic is the second developer in as many days to come out against SOPA/PIPA. Yesterday League of Legends creators Riot Games said that the bills were misguided and potentially harmful to gamers. Epic Games and Major League Gaming spoke out on the issue last week.

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