Total War: Rome 2 Pontus Faction Is Free DLC, Release Date Coming Soon

Sega announced day-one DLC for Total War: Rome 2 today. Day-one DLC?! Why those no-good sons of bitches, I'm gonna go review bomb that game on Amazon and - oh, the DLC is free.

The DLC unlocks a new playable faction called Pontus. Pontus was a kingdom on the southern coast of the Black Sea. Once a part of the Persian Empire, Pontus is an independent nation at the start of the game. It was conquered by the Roman Empire in established history but in this game, who knows?

In battle, Pontus relies on bronze-shield pikemen. Their cavalry forces included chariots with scythes mounted on each side. The kingdom's coastal location means that they have a navy of warships at their command as well.

Rome 2 will ship with eight playable factions, including Carthage, Rome and Germanic tribes. Pontus presumably wasn't finished in time to be included on the disc. You can read more about Pontus and the other factions on the official game wiki.

In addition to revealing Pontus, Sega also revealed today that a release date for Rome 2 will be announced soon.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.