The New Trailer For Horror Title Layers Of Fear Follows In The Footsteps Of P.T.

Still bent out of shape about the loss of P.T. and Silent Hills? You need not worry any longer. Indie developer, Bloober Team, has been working on a new horror title, Layers Of Fear, for the PS4 and they have finally pinned down a release window along with a brand spankin’ new trailer. Check it out below.

Layers Of Fear follows the story of a psychotic painter and his twisted, nightmarish trip into the obliteration of his mind. The version for PS4 will be releasing February 16, the team says, and it promises to “break your mind.”

According to the game’s description on Steam, the game has been described as a “psychedelic horror” that will be based on narrative and exploration, very much like early horror games P.T. and Outlast. The game is in Steam Early Access on PC and has showed off other horrifying trailers like the one below, giving more insight into what kinds of gameplay we can expect.

In the above trailer, we get more of a picture of the painter and his level of insanity and the kinds of trippy game elements that will be a part of the gameplay. Basically, it’s safe to say this game is really going to mess with your mind, very much like many of today’s psychological horror games. But using P.T. as inspiration, Layers of Fear might be “adding another layer” of horror that other games haven’t had success with.

Something many horror games today lack is a true understanding of what scares us, and the teaser for Silent Hills, P.T., was starting to tap into that. But maybe Layers Of Fear will finally resurrect what we never really got to have with P.T. and Silent Hills?

If you are tired of waiting and have a strong gaming PC, you can purchase Layers Of Fear right now on Steam Early Access for $12.99. Otherwise, you’ll be able to get your copy on February 16.