Who wants to see some cobbled-together cut-scenes and in-engine gameplay shots from Activision's upcoming Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, where the company decided to duct-tape two decent ideas together in order to make a 100% okay game?

Interestingly enough, Edge of Reality is at the helm of the game's development duties, which means that it's a complete toss-up as to whether or not the quality of the game will be equivalent to High-Moon Studios' well-received Transformer titles, or if they will measure up to the quality of a deaf man attempting to sing Pavarotti's Torna A Surriento in a wind tunnel.

The main problem is that Edge of Reality is mostly known as a port-job company. This means that they're hired to port over existing titles to additional platforms – they have to their name, games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater (pick a number and you might not be wrong) and some of The Sims games. Majority of expertise seems to reside in games going from one platform to the other, with the exception of the recent, and pleasantly received Loadout, which actually turned out be a heck of a lot better than I thought it would be. Loadout's attribution to whatever success that has been deemed upon it, is mostly due to the game's colorful art-style, gruesome gore models and the absolutely awesome weapon customization mechanics.

Of course, going from a free-to-play, multiplayer third-person shooter to a premium-priced (with DLC, of course) third-person shooter with a heavy reliance on a multiplayer component isn't that big of a stretch. However, a lot of the quality for Rise of the Dark Spark depends on how much time Edge of Reality had to actually work on and polish up the game. That's not to mention that it's being spread across all the new-gen systems (yep, even the Wii U), all those busted-up, old seventh gen consoles that are still crawling around on the marketplace like legless zombies looking for a few low-ball brains to chew out of a few dollar-dollar bills with their over-priced and under-performing hardware specs.

The story itself could be kind of intriguing even if the gameplay doesn't hold up to the marketing hype, and I'm pretty sure that the cross-over between High-Moon's Cybertron series and Michael Bay's petrol-heavy film anthology – including the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction – is what Activision is hedging their bets on... as far as appeal and marketability is concerned.

The video may promulgate the promise of gameplay, but it's more about the cross-over between the Cybertronian universe and the Michael Bay universe with some weapons, transformations and in-engine models on display than it is an actual showcase of the gameplay.

Personally? I feel like this game could go either way. It does seem to reek of cash-in, but I've been very wrong before (though, I've also been known on occasion to be right.)

I'm hoping Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark isn't terrible, but until we get to see some true, unedited gameplay footage, I'll keep my skepticism about as active as a bottle of mace in the hands of a nubile college student taking a nightly stroll through a dark neighborhood known for housing ex-convicts.

You can learn more about the game by paying a kind visit to the official Transformers website. The game is due for release on new-gen consoles, the geriatric twins, the 3DS and PC on June 24th.

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