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Tritton Kunai Headsets Arrive For Nintendo 3DS, Wii U

Oftentimes when we report on brand new gaming peripherals it's limited to PCs, Macs, Xbox 360s and PS3s. Well, today Mad Catz Interactive announced that a brand new stereo headset has arrived for Nintendo's gaming platforms called the Tritton Kunai.

According to Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive commented in the press release saying...

“The launch of Wii U marks a new generation of video game systems and we’re excited to have a licensed headset available at launch.” ... “We believe the ability to use the Kunai both for gaming and as an everyday set of headphones will appeal to the passionate gamer and allow us to grow market share at this crucial time of the formats development.”

The cool part is that the Wii U is at least getting some cool peripherals right out of the launch gate. The bad part is that the Kunai headset is only stereo. If you were here to see my face it would look like this -_-

Stereo was cool and all...back in 1985.

I guess Mad Catz just wanted to throw something out there to cash in on the Wii U craze that will inevitably follow the console's release this weekend. But goodness, the least they could have done was launched something with surround sound capabilities and quad the least.

On the upside, the Tritton Kunai comes with a microphone and cross-compatibility with the Nintendo 3DS, so there's that. Also, the headset is extremely cheap, clocking in at the meager $49.99 price tag. Pretty economic, eh?

You can learn more about the Tritton Kunai or place an order over at the Official Website.

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