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Twitch Is Coming To PS4

The Twitch app for the PlayStation 4 is coming soon. During this year's TwitchCon 2015 event the company announced that the app for the console will be made available this fall for Sony's home console. It'll allow users to watch live-streams, chat and stay up to date with the latest and greatest streamers.

The news went up over on the official Twitch blog, where they did a quick recap of the keynote that they gave at this year's convention.

The Twitch app will enable PS3, PS Vita and PS4 users to browse through games, search up their favorite titles, check through channels and follow their favorite streamers. The official app for PlayStation devices has arrived about a year later than the app for the Xbox One, which was available shortly after the console launched. Of course, even if you didn't have the official app it was still possible to check up on Twitch content through the built-in browser for both consoles, but the official app makes it a lot easier.

The addition of the PlayStation consoles being added to the supported platforms of Twitch wasn't the only big news that came out of TwitchCon 2015. They also announced that Whispers 2.0 would also be added to the service, enabling users to now use whisper conversations in separate windows. In addition to this, Whispers 2.0 will also allow for archiving and saving private conversations with other users, so if you need to recall a conversation you can do so. You no longer have to worry about the whispers being lost in a fast moving chat.

The service will also allow users to upload videos to Twitch, which could help the service keep an edge over YouTube. Although while Twitch doesn't have the restrictions and roadblocks of content ID and copyright problems like YouTube, they do institute a lot of censorship on various kinds of games that either don't fit a certain kind of political compass or may contain content that the service administrators don't agree with. It's a give and take scenario. However, don't be surprised that as Twitch continues to grow and expand its services that institutions like the RIAA and MPAA will start to crack down harder on Twitch in the same way that music and movie organizations came after Google and YouTube after it started getting really big.

Twitch also announced that they would be including a full HTML5 supported video player, as more and more companies begin to move away from Flash.

With the advent of YouTube Gaming it appears as if Twitch is taking the competition seriously and moving to advance their services to deal with said competition.

Finally adding the PlayStation app for PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 gamers should help bolster the appeal of the service even more.

A lot of these features were discussed and rolled out during the TwitchCon 2015 keynote speech from Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham and the CEO of Twitch, Emmett Shear.

You can actually check out the full 45 minute keynote speech and many of the new features planned to be implemented or made available through the service by heading on over to Twitch.

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