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Uncharted 3 is nearly a year old, but that doesn’t mean the team over at Naughty Dog is done adding to the online component of the game. Patch 1.13 is due to drop later today and, with it, the developers are promising the largest batch of updates to the game yet.

For those who dislike the written word, Naughty Dog has been so kind as to provide a pair of videos that highlight all of the key features of 1.13. First up is a brief rundown from Naughty Dog’s Rober Coghburn and Robert Ryan, or Double R, as I like to call them. Along with all of the standard balancing tweaks and stabilization issues, Double R discuss a crop of more than 100 unlockable items being added into Uncharted 3 multiplayer, a new tournament system, their plan for microtransactions, and an upcoming set of colorful maps to be explored in The Lab.

The second video focuses on some of those items players will be enjoying once the patch goes live, mainly in the “hat” department. These can be unlocked by playing the game or, for those with little patience, purchased in the PlayStation Store.

Patch 1.13 will also offer a whole new crop of trophies for online multiplayer, giving those collectors in the audience even more reason to keep coming back for more. As I said, this latest patch will also host a boatload of tweaks and fixes to help keep the game running nice and smooth. For a look at what types of small changes are in store, head on over to Naughty Dog’s official blog.

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