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Back in the day, the Sega AM2 team created quite a few fighting games that were revolutionary for their time and frequently stand out as genre highlights in the minds of diehard fans. Sega announced a while back that three of the team’s titles would be making their way to modern consoles as part of a special collection, and now we know that Fighting Vipers, Sonic: The Fighters, and Virtua Fighter 2 are headed to the PlayStation 3 on Nov. 27 and the Xbox 360 on Nov. 28.

Not only do we now know the release dates for these reborn fighting games, but we also finally have a price to tag to them. Sega has announced that the three AM2 games will be hitting the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade for just $4.99 a pop (400 MSP), each packed with Achievements/Trophies and online multiplayer.

Virtua Fighter 2 first hit the arcade back in 1994, one of the earliest 3D fighting games to wow audiences who were used to seeing their combatants and stages on a flat, 2D plane. It released a year later on the Sega Saturn, continuing a legacy that has thrived into the modern generation of consoles. Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown hit virtual markets just this past June.

Though clearly a bit more risqué and edgy than the Virtua Fighter series, Fighting Vipers, at a glance, was a pretty similar brawler. The first of only two games in the series hit arcades in 1994 as well, introducing destructible armor to the formula. Fighting Vipers followed Virtua Fighter 2 to the living room, arriving on the Sega Saturn in 1995.

The final AM2 game in the upcoming collection is the bizarre Sonic: The Fighters, which starred several characters from Sega’s flagship mascot series. This particular fight-a-thon hit the arcades in 1996 and, next week, modern gamers will be able to play it on their home consoles.

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