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The sales just keep on coming this week with Sony announcing the kickoff to its PlayStation Vita Play 2014 promotion, inviting portable enthusiasts to “game more, save more” in the coming month with four brand new offerings for the PlayStation Vita including OlliOlli, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Dustforce and TxK.

Usually a summer affair for the PlayStation 3, the Play 2014 promotion is kicking off early this year for Sony’s handheld, boasting a similar structure and PSN cash back depending on how many titles you want to add to your collection.

Announced via the PlayStation Blog, the Play 2014 campaign will run through Feb. 17, offering up one new Vita game per week. There will also be a discount on each of these titles for Plus subscribers. And like previous Play promotions, you’ll get some cash back depending on how many titles you buy, amounting to $3 for buying any two games, $6 for buying any three games and $10 if you buy all four games. With three of the games costing around 10 bucks, that means that you basically get one of these four games for free if you feel like dropping your dough on all four.

We announced earlier today that OlliOlli will be rolling onto the PlayStation Network this Tuesday and, conveniently enough, it’s the first title in this Play 2014 promotion. It looks like each game needs to be purchased during its launch week to be included in the money-back program, so don’t take too long making your mind up on a purchase. OlliOlli will be $12.99 week one, or $10.39 for Plus subscribers. A retro-themed runner of sorts, OlliOlli has players skateboarding across more than 50 locations, pulling off 100-plus tricks and competing against the rest of the world in online leaderboards and Daily Grind Challenges.

The promotion switches over to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z on Jan. 28, set to release at $39.99 for regular folks and $31.99 for Plus-ers. If you were to try to imagine Battle of Z as a sort of Dragon Ball RPG mixed with a four-player monster hunter game, you’ve basically got the idea. Controls are streamlined and characters are highly customizable so, while the fighting may seem a little on the simple side, you can use the game’s various systems to create a personalized warrior with all of your favorite moves taken directly from the DBZ manga and shows.

The promotion continues Feb. 4 with Dustforce, available for $9.99 regular or $7.99 through Plus. Dustforce puts players in the role of a ninja-janitor, equipped with all of the tools of the trade (mop, broom, etc.) and a mission to clean up dozens of platforming levels in a race against the clock.

Finally, the Vita Play 2014 promotion ends the week of Feb. 11 with TxK, going for $9.99 regular and $7.99 via Plus. TxK is a trippy throwback to abstract shooters of old, boasting bright and colorful vector graphics and more than enough shooting goodness to keep you playing for hours one end.

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