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Dark Synergy Studios recently released a new reveal trailer for their Unreal Engine 4-powered first-person emergent title called Wake Up Call. If the name doesn't sound blockbustery enough that's because it's not a blockbuster game... it's an indie title.

Only SP caught wind of the project after the reveal trailer went live and managed to crawl across the interwebs, slowly but steadily.

The reveal trailer above sets up the game's world and a small piece of its atmosphere but the actual gameplay and girth of the gameplay experience will unravel in a sandbox environment that involves a lot of stealth-oriented action and choice-driven decision making that will supposedly shape and alter the world around the players.

If it sounds kind of ambitious and a little too good to be true, well that's because a lot of the game is still in the early stages of development and a lot of the cool parts are still in the concept design phase.

Nevertheless, the team did happen to finish enough content in order to submit their project to Steam's Greenlight service, where a surprising amount of users are showering Dark Synergy with nothing but praise and support. That's definitely getting off to a good start and they'll need that kind of momentum and community involvement if they plan to take the market by storm without any big publishers backing them. However, I do get the feeling that this game seems primed and aimed at making a leap to home consoles.

It's hard at this moment to say how well this game will turn out or how engrossing the gameplay will be, but the whole idea of traversing through a futuristic world ran by virulent aliens adds a ton of intrigue to the project. It certainly makes you wonder if the stealth will be closer to Splinter Cell or more on the line of Assassin's Creed? I'm also curious if the sandbox will be intimate and tension-ridden like Thief or harsh and open like Far Cry?

Seeing this game develop over the course of time could be treat all its own, depending on how things unfold. Wanting to see more of this game is definitely on the table.

Added to this, there aren't a whole lot of Unreal Engine 4 titles out there in the wild. I'm now instantly curious what sort of native Unreal Engine 4 features the team will bring to the table to help sell the game and, more importantly, bring the game's atmosphere and world to life.

You can up-vote Wake Up Call on Steam's Greenlight community service right now, if you want to see the game make its way to a Steam storefront near you. Also, keep an eye out on the official Wake Up Call website to stay clued in for new information and updates for the game.

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