Watch Dogs Graphics On PS4, Xbox One Are Equal To PC's High Settings

So how well does Watch Dogs measure up against the PC when it comes to graphics? Supposedly, quite high... and not in the cannabis sort of way.

Creative director for Watch Dogs, Jonathan Morin, took to Twitter to answer some questions that have been pressing hard on the minds of eager gamers who desperately can't decide as to whether or not to get the game on consoles or computer -cough-PC-cough-.

As noted in a short but sweet tweet by one of Ubisoft's most prized minds in the business, here's what The Morin Man had to say about the graphics quality of Watch Dogs on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One...

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Of course, such a response begged gamers to then ask: Well, how good are the graphics on Ultra settings? Someone responded “Overkill”.

The reality is that “Ultra” is supposed to represent the E3 2012 benchmark for Watch Dogs, and there will be plenty of tests (either by Digital Foundry or enthusiasts) to determine if the game on PC actually does live up to the hype. Ubisoft will definitely find a bit of sweat around the collar when May 27th arrives and those graphics tests start getting underway.

Speaking of graphics – because really, is there anything else worth talking about these days? – there has been a lot of disappointment circulating throughout the gaming sphere following WCCF Tech's review of Watch Dogs. In fact, we ran an unofficial graphics comparison between the PS3, PS4 and Xbox One version of Watch Dogs and a lot of people who didn't know what to look for couldn't quite tell the difference between the three versions.

As to whether or not each version on the new-gen twins is actually running at the “High” settings is something up for debate.

There are definitely some differences between the Xbox and PS4 version, although it's yet to be determined if it's based on the way the hardware outputs the graphics, or if certain settings have been modified for performance reasons. Obviously, the 792p resolution difference should knock the Xbox One out of the “High” range and down into the “Welfare” range.

However, we won't know just how big a difference there is between the PS4 and the Xbox One until the Digital Foundry graphics analysis goes live. Although, we do have a small idea of what the comparisons might look like between consoles and PC, courtesy of the PC Master Race...

For now, PC gamers can at least rest assured that whatever they paid for, they're definitely getting the best that their hardware can offer. Console gamers? Well, the verdict is still out.

You can check out the brand new launch trailer for Watch Dogs to get a taste of the gameplay. Or you can see a full 23 minute video of the multiplayer portion of Watch Dogs running live and primed on the Xbox One, courtesy of WCCF Tech, also known as The Gas Station Guy.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.