Watch Dogs Official Release Date Set

Ubisoft released a brand new trailer for Watch Dogs and did so while setting down the official release date for the game... May 27th. It's just three days shy of the release of one of the biggest games dropping for the Wii U.

Before getting to the release date – well, technically there's nothing else to say about the release date, but there is something to say about the release of the game for the Wii U. But anyway, the trailer is probably the most coherent trailer released for the game thus far. I finally have an understanding of what's going on and why.

It's amazing because for the past two years since the game's announcement, I've had no clue as to why Aiden Pearce was going around being smartphone troll. I just assumed it was based on the untold exploits of 4Chan's Anonymous.

Anyway, the wife-got-murdered-now-I-gotta-get-revenge line is pretty old and tired, but it looks like Watch Dogs makes up for the tired line with a lot of exciting new features. The multiplayer is especially intriguing, as the game's seamless blend of asymmetrical multiplayer could be a really cool feature if it's done right.

Now let's get back to the discussion about the Wii U; so it appears as if the game is either delayed or – worst case scenario – canned. I can't imagine why the game would need to be canceled so far into development. It seems like a douche-nozzle move if that turns out to be true. There were a lot of rumors about the Wii U's version being canceled due to the low install base numbers, but that doesn't make a lick of sense since the Wii U still has more units in homes than the Xbox One. So if you kiss goodbye the Wii U version you may as well kiss goodbye the Xbox One version on the same line of logic.

That's not to mention that not only does the Xbox One have a lower install base but the console suffers from degenerative resolutionitis. In simple terms: eye poop, jaggie addiction or 720patitis... since it seems to spread to other games.

In the case of Watch Dogs, the rumor around the mill is that the Xbox One version will be relegated to 900p and only 30fps on the Xbox One. That could be a huge blow to the game's quality on Microsoft's console, given that the PS4 version will be 1080p at 30fps, according to the insiders.

Nevertheless, we'll have to find out just how true these claims are when May rolls around and the pixel counters have an opportunity to break down each horizontal and vertical line for the most scrupulous of graphics aficionados.

Anyway, you can learn more about Watch Dogs by paying a kind visit to the game's official website. We'll keep you posted on the delayed Wii U version.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.