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There's some additional new footage of Watch Dogs that has been made available for public consumption thanks to Giant Bomb.

Brad, from the Giant Bomb squad, managed to get some hands-on time with Watch Dogs at a recent preview event where Ubisoft was showcasing the game on PS4 units and, of course, PC.

Brad makes it known right away that there's a Grand Canyon gap between the console and PC versions of the game, clearly stating that you could actually see the difference between the two. Supposedly, multiple reports have indicated that the Xbox One version has been AWOL since forever. However, according to Videogamer.com, Watch Dogs' animation director Colin Graham stated that...
"The Xbox One version is good. I check it on the floor a lot. Animation-wise it's identical, absolutely identical. I know people talk about that a lot... But I can't tell the difference when I go on the floor. I have to look at the consoles because the TVs make a bigger difference in terms of what you see on somebody's machine. Is it calibrated correctly? Is it the resolution of the TV? Which kind of TV is it? I actually can't tell the difference on those two [consoles]. As far as I can see they're identical.

"And on the assets side where we work, they're absolutely identical. It's completely transparent to us. The only difference is the icon on the screen."

Well, the Giant Bomb crew felt the PS4 version looked good enough, so if spending $100 more for a console that may not hit 1080p is fine in your book... feel free to spend more and get less. Of course, neither console will compete or compare to the PC version.

Graphics aside, the video covers some interesting subject matter. Beyond the basic gameplay you'll see some pretty trippy stuff in Watch Dogs. I suppose it's a bit of a spoiler, but you can see the robot spider-tank in action if you fast forward to the 13 minute mark in the video above.

The whole sequence looks and plays like something out of Saints Row. So for those of you worried that Watch Dogs takes itself way too seriously, there's plenty of sub-quest mini-games in there to break up the monotony of the Sam Fisher-turned-Neo, hack-and-gun gameplay.

Mr. Brad does make a note about the game's multiplayer, though. It's apparently not quite as seamless as the trailers make it seem. You still have to do some “opting in” to get involved with other players, according to Brad. Of course, it was a preview build, so maybe that's one of the things Ubisoft is working on and fixing up for release? You know, getting that seamlessness to work as seamlessly as seemingly possible. It's all about that seam.

Still, the game sounds very promising. I have to admit that the extra delay and the time and marketing Ubisoft has spent raising the public profile of Watch Dogs – discounting the whole graphics downgrading debacle – seems to have been worth the effort. The game is shaping up to be very promising and I'm loving the fact that this title seems more buy-worthy based on the gameplay selling the idea and concept as opposed to non-gameplay trailers and hype-fodder like certain other games whose names I won't mention... -cough-GrandTheftAuto-cough-