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Watch Fast And The Furious's Final Scene Recreated In GTA 5

The final drag racing scene in the original Fast & Furious movie from nearly 15 years ago is an iconic piece of movie history. The scene spawned all sorts of rip-offs with the flipping Dodge Charger, but that scene stands as a testament to some good old fashioned rigging and practical stuntwork. Well, one gamer decided to pay homage to the final drag racing scene between the Dodge Charger and Toyota Supra by recreating that moment in GTA V using the Rockstar Editor.

YouTuber DomesticMango cut together a machinima featuring the scene complete with a 1:1 audio overlay from the scene. Check it out below.

The first thing most people recognized was that there's an actual Toyota Supra in GTA V. Well, no... the car is not in the original game. The Toyota Supra is a mod for GTA V.

That's right, full model swapping is now possible in Rockstar's coveted open-world game. The creator of Zmodeler3 released an import plugin for the software back in early August, enabling gamers and modders alike to import GTA V's models into the editor. Thereafter the Zmodeler3 creator then created a plugin to export models into GTA V's format. This enabled users to use the software to create their own vehicles and export them to GTA V complete with custom liveries, tunable parts and actual bodykit swaps.

In addition to being able to edit the YTD textures for the game, it's now possible for modders to make whatever kind of vehicle that suits their heart's desire. This was recently made available in just the past week for the Grand Theft Auto V community and modders and machinima makers are already taking great advantage of the feature, just like the Mass Effect Reaper making an appearance in the game.

As you can see in the video above, the Toyota Supra really adds a lot to the authenticity of the scene. Now all they need to do is get the actual Dodge Charger replica in there and they'll be all set. Eh, of course I should note that there are still some glitches with model swaps and sometimes there are problems with the doors opening, the damage models and the glass not breaking... but otherwise it's solid.

Mango also uses a bevy of post-production after effects, so if you were thinking that even without the modded cars you'll be able to mimic some of the editing techniques exhibited in the video above in the Xbox One or PS4 version of the Rockstar Editor, think again. Unfortunately those post-processing and post-production effects will not be available in the console version of the Rockstar Editor.

Following the official release of the plugins to make vehicles and objects swappable in GTA V with custom models, expect to see a lot of really cool machinima coming out of the PC gaming community. Mango is just getting started but I can't wait to see some more James Bond, Terminator and Matrix machinima done in Rockstar's popular open-world action game.

The Rockstar Editor is available in the PC version of GTA V and it'll be available soon for Xbox One and PS4 owners.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.