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Watch Iron Man Vs Zombie Apocalypse In GTA IV

So who would win between an Iron Man suit being piloted by a young douchy kid or a zombie apocalypse taking place during a carmageddon? I would put my money either on the undead hordes or a bunch of burning, flying cars taking over the city. That's exactly what happens when one player dons the Mark XXVII Iron Man suit and heads to a turbulent Liberty City.

If you can get through all the guy's ridiculous antics for about the first four minutes or so, which basically includes him pricking around with Iron Man's repulsor beams and blasting civilians into bits and pieces, totally opposite of the Iron Man in the movies. Things eventually pick up when Carmageddon mode is activated followed by the Zombie Apocalypse mode, also known as the Left 4 Liberty Mod.

The combination of mods actually turns Grand Theft Auto IV into a completely different experience, and in the hands of a better editor (and player) there is some serious potential for some really cool videos.

I'm just impressed that people are still modding the crap out of GTA IV even though GTA V is right around the corner. You can even check out the latest trailers for GTA V right here.

If the above video made your stomach churn with all the Iron Man terrorism that happened, fear not, for there are better forces in the world working towards global peace...or at least, trying to keep the streets of Liberty City safe. You can see several members of the RCMP clan escorting a prisoner and trying to avoid one clusterfail of intensity at a time, just until they get ambushed by some terrorists (ambush starts at the 4:00 min mark).

Man, I would have loved to have seen the RCMP clan deal with that terrorist Iron Man.

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