Watch The Warcraft Movie Trailer Recreated In World Of Warcraft

There's an impressive machinima put together by Ivan Kuzkin. The trailer is actually a recreation of the movie trailer for Warcraft, remade in the game World of Warcraft. I was skeptical about the quality at first, but it's a lot more impressive than I thought it would be. Check it out.

PC Gamer spotted the trailer over on Ivan Kuzkin's YouTube channel, where he posted up the finely edited piece of media.

The trailer clocks at two minutes and 13 seconds and intricately features the recreation of each shot from the first trailer of Duncan Jones' upcoming film based on the lore that preceded the original Warcraft game way, way back in the 1990s.

I'm assuming if things go over well with this upcoming film, we might see Legendary Pictures and Blizzard teaming together again for a second film, likely one closer in the timeline to Warcraft 3 or World of Warcraft. Again, that's assuming they can get butts in seats this summer.

The community reception to the movie has been mixed to favorable, which is not entirely bad. The main issue is that a lot of people are leery about this movie despite Jones' pedigree as a director. There have been one too many video game-based films that just flopped way too hard for gamers and casual movie goers alike to think that Warcraft would be an exception to the rule. However, there's $100 million behind the production of this movie and it shows in every single scene. In fact, nothing in the above machinima is exaggerated beyond what was showcased in the actual trailer. All the Orcs, all the beasts of the wild, all the magic and all the grandiose locations are present in the film... based on the trailers anyway.

In fact, you can see a side-by-side comparison that Kuzkin put together between the original Warcraft trailer and the machinima made with World of Warcraft assets below.

If making machinimas has completely stumped you on how it was done. There's also a really cool making of video where Kuzkin shows the set piece assets, models, post-processing effects, superimposed imagery and frame composition that he put together, one layer after another in order to bring the trailer to life.

The making of video is pretty short, only a minute and 30 seconds. Check it out below.

What's impressive here is how much color grade editing that Kuzkin had to do after capturing the footage in order to match it up with the film. It lets you know that despite the assets and locations being ripped to look the same as the film, the natural lighting was very different from how Jones composed the shots in the Warcraft movie.

World of Warcraft is out right now with the upcoming Legion expansion due for release later this year. The Warcraft movie is set to go live this June.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.