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The StarCraft II total conversion mod known as the Armies of Azeroth takes all of the WarCraft III assets and dumps it into StarCraft II, while also adding new gameplay elements and remaking the campaign mode. The project has recently received a new gameplay video showing the progress made so far.

The team consists of various dedicated individuals working to bring the total conversion mod to life, and you can see what they've achieved so far with a video showing the Alliance attacking various Horde outposts.

The video of the map Ogre Mound starts off with a small unit of Alliance members attacking various orc outposts scattered throughout the map. Slowly the Alliance builds up more units and as more units are amassed their forces grow stronger.

Eventually the video shows the units facing down against a group of Horde consisting of some tough-looking orges along with a flying dragon. After a little time with peppering them over with some melee strikes they unleash a few magic attacks on them as well to finally finish the fight.

The video skips ahead as the Alliance begins to build a structure using some human peasants roaming around near a beachhead. However, the good times don't last as a Horde troop arrives off the coast and begins to attack the Alliance and their structure, making quick work of it. The humans try to fight but are eventually pushed back by the orc forces.

It's a highlight that as a real-time strategy game things don't always go as planned and a lot of times it may require some trial and error to effectively reap the results you're looking for.

More than anything I think the video above is a true testament to the skills and talents of the modding team working on the total conversion, where you're not even thinking that you're looking at a mod but at an actual continuation of the Warcraft saga.

Back in March it was revealed that the Russian modders were working with the community to completely overhaul the Warcraft III models while using the sound and effects from Blizzard's original game to compliment the project. All of this is being done with the modding tools provided with StarCraft II.

The unit designs, the animations, the programming – all of that had to be overhauled for the Warcraft total conversion. They've also increased the compatibility of the game's UI and HUD as well as easier controls and a more optimized interface.

The team currently keeps fans updated on the progress of the total conversion using their Facebook page. They already have a 15k strong fan page and the gameplay video above showcases that they are serious about bringing this project to life.

They note that WarCraft's iconic Horde will be featured in the next gameplay video for the Armies of Azeroth, so keep an eye out for that.

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