When We Can Expect Information On Pokemon Sun And Moon

Nintendo recently announced Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon for the Nintendo 3DS, with the games are expected to arrive later this year. In the meantime, gamers are eager to find out more about both titles and Nintendo has plans on sharing that info on April 15th in the Corocoro Magazine.

GoNintendo is reporting that the information for Pokemon Sun and Moon will be “huge”. They found out about the news drop in an ad that advertises the Corocoro exclusive on April1 5th.

Gamers are already excited about what might be revealed in the magazine and what they might find out about the upcoming title. Some are speculating that the upcoming Pokemon games might tie into the Nintendo NX and that the game will be in full 3D on the 3DS. Additionally, it is thought that it will upscale to an anti-aliased HD version when played on the Nintendo NX. The concept of that is kind of radical but it's not entirely impossible. In fact, a lot of people are expecting that the Nintendo NX could be a cross-breed sort of system that works both with handheld games and as a home console.

It really is an ambitious way of thinking if Nintendo is actually planning on taking the NX that route. It also wouldn't be the first time that they incorporate cross-platform play between portable devices and home consoles. They experimented with it before during the N64 era and they utilized it rather frequently during the GameCube era, where games like Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles required the use of Gameboy Advance devices to play the multiplayer.

Taking things a step further and incorporating actual 1:1 gameplay transitions from the Nintendo 3DS to the Nintendo NX would be a real evolutionary step between the portable and the home console setup. This would be even more exciting if the new Pokemon titles were the games that helped make that bridge happen.

Of course, gamers have absolutely no idea what Nintendo is planning and the NX is one big, huge mystery. They've announced that they would reveal more about the console, presumably at this year's E3. Whether or not that means that they will have a full stage conference again or resolve to doing a Nintendo Direct remains to be seen, but I wouldn't be surprised if even more info on Pokemon Sun and Moon were also revealed during E3 as well to prep for the games' release later in the year.

The only thing that Nintendo revealed about these new Pokemon games is some concept art during their latest Nintendo Direct, which featured some exciting new possibilities for the series. In fact, some eagle-eyed gamers managed to catch glimpses of some new features, such as vehicle transportation that includes more than just a bike, and all new Pokemon centers and tournament locations. The transportation is what really had gamers extremely excited about the possibilities, but right now it's just been limited to concept art so we have no idea if the vehicles will actually make it into the final version of the games.

We'll likely find out exactly how much of the concept art for Pokemon Sun and Moon will turn out to be real when April 15th comes around.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.