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WeMade's New CEO Relaunching Lost Saga

WeMade Entertainment USA has been appointed a new CEO and with the new Chief Executive Officer comes a new direction for the company, including the relaunch of a really cool MMO battle arena game that first made its appearance on OG Planet called Lost Saga. The game was both a fun and innovative and it'll be interesting to see what WeMade does with the property.

WeMade USA's new CEO Philip Yun commented about the relaunch of Lost Saga, saying...

“Our mission at WeMade USA is to bring American gamers the most engaging PC and mobile games from the extensive WeMade Entertainment lineup,”... “Starting with Lost Saga, we have aggressive plans to launch new projects, especially on mobile, that fit our philosophy of publishing games we are excited to play ourselves.”

Lost Saga takes a very different approach to class-based PvP arena battles, allowing players to start with a basic class and then continually level-up and unlock new classes that they can eventually modify and combine into their own creation. The game is very creative, meaning that you can combine the right kind of parts to recreate someone like Mega-Man or a Storm Trooper or Link from the Legend of Zelda.

I haven't been following OG Planet's releases lately so I'm not sure if the game is still being offered via their platform or portal, but if you'd like to get in on the action you can sign-up and register for the new WeMade relaunch of Lost Saga by paying a visit to the

[[ ah ref ]] Official Website.

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