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Tactical Intervention Trailer Brings Back Infamous Highway Mission

Due out at the end of this month, Tactical Intervention, is a follow-up to the Counter-Strike gameplay paradigm gone roided up. The new pre-release trailer for the game showcases some really great gameplay, including the infamous highway missions, where players will attempt to stop terrorist in high-speed, first-person shooting scenarios.

Fix Korea and OG Planet will be unleashing Tactical Intervention on March 28th. The game has been in the works for the past couple of years, with co-creator of Counter-Strike Minh Le heading up development of the game. After being in closed beta for nearly three years, the game is prepping for release and free-to-play publisher OG Planet unleashed the following trailer, courtesy of Gametrailers, to help get gamers excited.

You know, originally I wasn't very impressed with this game at all. However, after seeing that video the game looks pretty tight. Those driving missions look pretty insane and kind of high-end. Reminds me a little bit of a first-person version of the driving shootouts from Sleeping Dogs.

The sort of asymmetrical competitive structure of the maps and environments is kind of neat, and having to rescue hostages from realized environments instead of deathmatch warehouse or shipping structures is a real highlight and divergence from the tried and tired methods used by many other shooters currently on the market.

If the game has you buzzing for some of this new-school action, you can sign-up and download the game from the official Tactical Intervention website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.