The first full week of December gets into high gear with several new game announcements, some teaser info for a popular upcoming game and a little game-movie ranting. Electronic Arts revealed that they’re in the MMA game for the long haul and will be rivaling THQ and the UFC Disputed franchise with a EA Sports MMA sequel. Sega isn’t one to be left out of the gaming news circle for long, and they fired back at the recent emergence of futuristic social-commentary games such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Mindjack and Deus Ex Human Revolution with their very own robot-human morally complex third-person shooter called Binary Domain. Also, Mark Wahlberg comes under fire for stealing out the role of Nathan Drake from Nathan Fillion for the Uncharted Movie with a little game-movie rant on how he could potentially ruin the franchise. These stories and more in this December 4th, 2010 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.


Donkey Kong Country Returns. The newest game in the long running series gets the review treatment. See if Cinema Blend’s resident Rich Knight takes a fancy to Kong’s latest adventures.

Michael Jackson The Experience Review. Does the post-mortem King of Pop still have what it takes to rock the gaming world? Find out in the review.

Lylian Episode 1 Goes Gold; System Requirements Released. Find out if your PC can run this intriguing new game.

A Few Reasons Why Mark Wahlberg Could Ruin The Uncharted Franchise. Brace yourselves.


Two Xbox Kinect Exclusives Arriving In 2011. Canadian game studio Sarbakan Studios is bringing two new games to the motion-based gaming device.

Cat Lady Coming Exclusively To PC in 2011. An odd little horror is game is on the way.

Nintendo Downloads: Cave Story, Magical Drop II Arrive For DSiWare. A cult-classic and another cult-classic arrive for the DS and WiiWare.

Sonic 4 Leaderboards Wiped. All I’m gonna say is…hackers. That’s it.

DS And Wii Sell 1.5 Million Over The Weekend. Nintendo is not one to shy away from the holiday rush and their numbers prove that they’ve championed Black Friday once again.

EVE Online Incursion Patch Notes Arrive. Curious what the first of the three patches are about regarding the new expansion? Check it out right here.


3DMark 11 Hits Slight Delay; New Release Date Coming Soon. It’s ok, your 580GTX will just have to wait a little longer before being put through the grinder.

Lucent Heart MMO Dating Game Contest Extended. This way everyone can get in on the online love-fest action.

Kinect Sells 2.5 Million Units. Black Friday was a big hit for Microsoft, with Kinect moving a lot of units from retailers shelves.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Edition Pre-Order Bonuses Announced. If you’re willing to put some extra coin into the pockets of the publishers, they’ll add some extra features to the augmented in-game character. Sounds about right.

Blizzard Swings StarCraft II Banhammer Again. Will you hackers never learn?

World of Warcraft Gets Lil-Ragnaros Moonkin Hatchling Pets. It’s a long name for an odd looking beast, but I’m betting it’ll be popular just because it’s a WoW pet.

Fable III Title Update Released. More fixes, more patches and more problems put aside. Will Fable III ever work right?


Civilization V Map Packs Released. Additional maps for conquering hearts to…uh…conquer.

Beta Trial For Archlord DragonScion Race Arrives. Curious about testing out the new race in the game? Click the link to find out how.

German RPG Venetica Coming To North America. It appears it did well enough in Euro countries to warrant a release in the Americas.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Now Free-to-Play. Another premium game bites the Free-to-Play apple and that’s all for the better.

Xbox Live Rewards Program Launches. So get this…you spend money, right, and then when you spend the money you get a little bit of money back. It’s like one of those credit card promotions.

Sega Announces Binary Domain For Xbox 360 And PS3. A socially relevant piece about human genetics, and taking a view of the somatic prospective that begs the question “How human is human?”

Lucent Heart Online Dating MMO Media Blowout. A collection of new videos showcasing the gameplay and dating services.


Eidos Prez Says Kane And Lynch Will Return. For better or for worse.

Ghostbusters Sanctum Of Slime Announced. It’s no longer a big budget title, though.

EA Sports MMA 2 Confirmed. More mat wrestling and martial arts is on the way.

Gran Turismo 5 Copies Still Up For Grabs In Superstars V8 Racing Contest. You only have to pay $19.99 to possible win a $59.99 game.

Sega Taps Chris Hemsworth Voice For Thor Movie-Based Game. Another craptacular movie-game is on the horizon.

OnLive PlayBack Campaign Offers Unlimited PlayBack Up Until January 15th, 2011. All the games you could ask for at the price of…nothing!

Nintendo Phasing Out Wii Speak. It didn’t half as well as they would have liked so…well…he goes the way of the caveman.


Allods Online Fury War Episode Coming With Contested Astral Zones. After spending 100 days building a ship, and $1.5 million in-game dollars, why not head out into the astral and get it blown to bits by a rival guild?

Team Fortress 2 Beta Announced. New maps, modes, guns, classes and balance-readjustments are coming and Valve needs help testing it.

GameStop Hosting World of Warcraft Cataclysm Midnight Launch Events. See if a GameStop near you is hosting this WoW launch.

Take Two Says No Annual Grand Theft Auto Games. That’s good news…sort of. At least they still care about quality.

StarCraft II Single Player Cheats Announced. A plethora of ways to bypass actually using skill to progress through the game.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam Has Bonus Fifth Map. This is great news for everyone planning on throwing down money into this expansion.

Assassin’s Creed III Features Hinted At By Surveys. What sort of features could they be? You’ll have to click the link to find out.

Johnson’s Anything With An Engine Announced For Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.


Ms ‘Splosion Man Announced. A follow-up to Mr. ‘Splosion Man, no doubt.

Back To The Future Game Debut Trailer Released. Marty and the Doc’s TT Games reincarnation finally gets revealed in the moving-picture format.

XBLA Review for Pac Man Championship Edition DX. Find out if this pro-version of the classic game is worth the MS Points.

Hard Eight Mutation Hits Left 4 Dead. Valve returns to form for the Left 4 Dead series.

Bulletstorm’s Multiplayer Modes Exposed. Deathmatch, team deathmatch and guess what else? Well, you’ll have to either guess or click the link to find out more.

Co-Optimus Holiday Buy’s Guide: PC Edition. Find out what the best prices are for desktop PC parts.

That wraps up this edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You can check out the World of Warcraft: World Reborn trailer below, which is sure to get WoW fans all hot and bothered.

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