Well this was the week it happened... the week it all exploded for Microsoft, EA and Respawn Entertainment. The boiler room that powers the train of hype was in over drive, taking in the tears of PlayStation fanboys as fuel, and the dignity of Xbox fanboys to keep the fire burning bright “But, but, but... it will 1080p at launch”. No dice, chum. Still, Titanfall has been a force of reckoning for the sales of the Xbox One – or at least, an impetus for the media to promote it as such – and this was the week in which Titanfall would do, or the Xbox One would die.

Beyond all the hype, all the scores, all the reviews and all the dropping of titans, there were also a few other noteworthy items in the news that sparked some hot reactions, too. South Park: The Stick of Truth finally became available after a long series of delays, the resolution war continued on with inFamous: Second Son coming under the microscope, and Elder Scrolls Online has managed to crawl from the morose corners of the almost non-existent gamer hype its garnered to once again try hard to win over some fan-favor. These stories and more in this March 15th, 2014 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

South Park Review
After hitting so many delays that one would think they were driving through I-95 during a construction-heavy summer, but Obsidian's South Park: Stick of Truth finally managed to release to some impressive enough review scores, in fact, Gaming Blend's own Pete Haas managed to give the game a reasonable enough review score even though the game seemed like it could have been heading toward the same route as Duke Nukem Forever. I guess it's a great thing that the game turned out to be better than what some may have been anticipating, even though it wasn't quite as good as it potentially could have been.

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