This Is What A World Record Mario Kart 8 Run Looks Like

There's a growing repository of world records for Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U. Not only is it a growing list, it's a visual history defined by users blasting through various tracks on the competitive racer where players from around the world are setting records using some crazy techniques to cut whatever corners they can to set the fastest time possible.

The first video above is an absolute rocket-blast through the N64 rendition of Rainbow Road. It's a really awesome take on such a classic map. And the player, Alex94, goes well out of his way to use every single tactic measurable to bring his time down to startling 1:18:021, which spawned an collection of comments on YouTube filled with praise, awe and confusion. Why confusion? Because no one can figure out just how they can emulate Alex94 to pull out a score as fast or as slick. It really is impressive when you see it in action.

Alex isn't alone, though. There's a growing collection of people who are pushing through the boundaries and limits of current record-holders and hitting all new heights, sort of like this Cloudtop Cruise run from Rparsons.

The run sets him on a total track record of 1:59.365. Of course, he could shave off a few on the first lap as he's sitting a bit heavy with that first lap. He also receives just a bit of ribbing for that slow first lap from the commenters.

It's kind of crazy seeing how competitive people have become over Mario Kart 8, but I think it's a necessary step to keep the game relevant and socially engaging for people who may have skipped over it because they thought it was too casual or designed for kids.

If you head over to the Mario Kart 8 World Records, you'll see a diverse selection of users battling to control each track as if national pride was on the line.

Mario Kart 8 has also been part of Nintendo's continued efforts to help rebuild marketing momentum for the Wii U. The system has been dogged repeatedly in the media and things didn't really get that much of a forceful turnaround until Mario Kart 8 starting moving big units in the retail space.

Would the boom in the world records and the additional DLC help keep Mario Kart 8 relevant heading into the holiday season? Maybe. At least it'll help buffer some of the other exclusives coming to the Wii U, including Super Smash Bros. and other titles such as Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.