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Rocksteady Studios updated Robin with a more "adult" look for Batman: Arkham City. Today senior concept artist Kan Mutfic explained their reinvention of the classic comic book character.

"We wanted to create a Robin that players would identify as a contemporary character and move away from the traditional “Boy Wonder” image that most people know," said Muftic on the Arkham City forums. He also provided a piece of concept art that you can check out below. "Our vision of Robin is the one of a troubled young individual that is calm and introverted at times but very dangerous and aggressive if provoked."

"The shaved head is inspired by cage fighters, because we thought that Robin might be doing that in his spare time to keep him on his toes. Still, we kept all the classic trademarks of Robin’s appearance, such as the red and yellow colors of his outfit, the cape and the mask."

Cage fighting? Oh, Robin. You've come a long way from your green panty and slipper days. He might not fit comic book canon - he seems like a mish-mash of different Robins through the Batman series - but this incarnation definitely seems to fit the tone of Arkham City.

Still, if you don't like Robin's new look, you won't have to play as him. He's only usable in two standalone Challenge maps. In North America, these maps will only be available to players who pick up the game through Best Buy.

Arkham City will be released in North America on October 18th and in Europe on the 21st.