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The Black Friday deals are all starting to roll out for the major gaming systems and electronic devices. Sony and Microsoft have so far been at the forefront of the gaming spectrum with pre-Black Friday deals being announced left and right. Not to feel completely left out, Nintendo's Black Friday bundle has been announced.

Nintendo World Report managed to get their hands on some news that Nintendo is discounting the Wii U at select retailers, one of which includes a major discount at Meijers, the grocery chain.

So what sort of deal is Meijer offering on the Wii U? Well, there's a bundle that's marked at $299.99. However, there is a special coupon to get $50 discounted off the bundle during checkout. Additionally, the bundle comes with a $30 coupon toward a purchase at Meijer.

This knocks the bundle down to only $249.99. If you really wanted to get technical, with the $30 coupon it could make the price of the bundle look like a $219.99 purchase.

But what do you get in the bundle? Well, it comes with a Wii U console obviously, with 32GB of storage space. There's an included GamePad, a digital copy of Splatoon and a digital copy of Super Smash Bros. Both games come pre-installed on the system, barring the latest and greatest updates to play either game online.

I do wonder what happens if you have to wipe the system or do a factory reset? Do you quickly log-in and attach both games to your Nintendo Network ID beforehand or do you activate them with an included digital card? The pre-installed games thing makes me a little leery only because the safe bet is always to get a physical copy of the game so you know that if anything happens to your system you can still access the games... assuming you get a new system.

According to Nintendo World Report, Meijer isn't the only one planning on running with this deal. GameStop also has a Black Friday deal as well that sees the Wii U bundle knocked down in price to $279.99. The Black Friday deals won't get underway until November 27th.

This is a good time to start bookmarking those sites with the deals you might want to cash in on. When November 27th rolls around you'll be prepped and ready to make the purchases you want.

At first I thought Nintendo was going to slack off this year and just coast on by with the interesting but sparse line-up of games they have this holiday season for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. But it at least looks like they're getting into the holiday spirit and slashing prices on the Wii U.

That's not to mention that the discounts on the PS4 and Xbox One nearly put them on par to the same price as the Wii U bundles, so it's very important that Nintendo at least cuts off enough of the price to make it look like a worthwhile purchase in the face of the competition. You can look for the deals from GameStop and Meijer to get underway at the end of the month on November 27th.