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It looks like European and North American gamers will get their hands on the Wii U a little bit earlier than those living in Japan. Nintendo's newest console is headed to the States on Nov. 18 and Europe just two days later on Nov. 20.

We reported earlier today that the Wii U Japanese launch would take place on Dec. 8 in both an 8GB and 32GB model. You can check that previous post for the full list of differences between the two versions of the console, but the short of it is that the 32GB model will come packed with extra peripherals, the Nintendo Land game and a Nintendo Network Premium subscription.

While the European price points have not yet been announced, it was revealed that the 8GB model will run $300 in the U.S. with the 32GB model going for $350. Here's some free advice: Buy the 32GB model. Honestly, I'm not even sure why an 8GB model is even an option. If separate high capacity memory cards are available post-launch, then I guess I can see why someone would rather go for the cheaper price now and add some extra storage down the road, when they need it.

Actually, no, I still don't understand the logic behind the 8GB model. Even if you don't plan on downloading full games or smaller Wii U Ware (My name, not theirs) titles, 8GB isn't going to last you very long once save files, patches and DLC starts stacking up. The PlayStation 3 launched with a 60GB model and even that was determined to be too small for the average gamer.

My reservations about why an 8GB model is even available in the first place aside, the 32GB model simply offers a much better deal, all for just $50 more. It's the clear winner in my book.

As for why the consoles are being released earlier in the U.S. and Europe, I think the obvious answer involves a jolly fat man in a red suit. The timing is perfect for the holiday shopping crowd, even coming in a full week before Black Friday here in the States. I doubt any Wii Us will still be available by that notorious shopping day following Thanksgiving but, if so, you better believe they'll be gobbled up by some desperate shopper at 4 a.m. during Best Buy's Holiday Blowout Super Sale Xtreme.

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