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Hot dang that's a sweet price for a gaming tablet. $250? That's pretty slick. Wikipad Inc., announced today that their handheld 7” tablet will be available next week for only $250. That greatly undercuts the price of all those other gaming tablet solutions out there.

We first heard about the Wikipad back in September of 2012, where we knew that it was being primed to play games on the go and had support from cloud services such as Gaikai, as well as access to games from the Tegra Zone, Google+ and PlayStation Mobile titles.

Matthew Joynes, Chairman of Wikipad Inc. commented about the upcoming launch of the device, saying...
“The launch of the Wikipad 7 tablet signals a transformative turning point in the direction of the mobile gaming industry. Wikipad’s tablet combines the latest range of features found in a premium Android tablet together with the unrivaled console video game experience only available with a gamepad,”

The Wikipad Gaming Tablet cuts under Nvidia's Project Shield by $100 even, which is priced at $350. This also gives Razer's Fiona a nice run for its money, too.

The reason the Wikipad is cheaper, however, is because it's running on a Tegra 3 processor where-as the Project Shield is running on a Tegra 4 processor. Generational gap for a generational price leap.

The Wikipad is no slouch, though, 16GB of storage with an SD slot for up to 32GB of storage, 1GB of DDR2 system memory, and a 1200 x 800 resolution display rounds out the basic features. It's got nothing on the PC Master Race, but anyone who wants to game and game hard on the go may not find a bad option in the Wikipad.

Ronald Schaffner, Director Business Development, and Sony Computer Entertainment America commented in the press release as well about the PS Mobile support, saying...
“PlayStation Mobile is a global initiative to bring the PlayStation-like game experiences to a wide-reaching community of tablet and smartphone gamers. We’re excited to bring PlayStation Mobile to the Wikipad tablet which provides a portable gaming experience that is fun and compelling,”

If the Wikipad sounds like the sort of tablet to suit your on-the-go needs (and I could seriously see this thing cutting into profits for the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS assuming it doesn't have library line-up of shovelware trash) you can check it out over at the official website. Remember, it's due out June 11th for $250.

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