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50 games have been greenlit for the Steam store, graduating out of the steamy confines of the Greenlight community page and moving on toward bigger and brighter pastures on Steam's illustrious digital storefront... when they're ready.

The 50 titles greenlit range from a wide assortment of games that bridges together all sorts of genres, play-styles, artistic directions and innovations. One of my favorites of the list is a game we didn't talk about here at Gaming Blend but it's called WindForge. Giant flying whales attacking airships. That's all that really needs to be said, right?

The game allows players to craft whatever their heart desires and basically venture about in a procedurally generated game world that features all the standard survival antics found in games like Minecraft or Terraria.

The big difference between WindForge and the competition is its focus on physics-based destruction and aerial travel. Players can gather, craft and build their own airship in anyway they please. As much as I love Starbound and StarForge, I have to say that this airship gameplay is just really awesome and reminds me a lot of Allods Online and its astral travel.

Other games greenlit for Steam includes Highland Wars, a Scottish, third-person, multiplayer, action-strategy siege game. It's an inventive title where you're in charge of building and defending or building up and attacking opponents using a bit of wit and skill. Check it out in the trailer below.

We also recently wrote about Lili, the 3D adventure game starring the mischievous and adventurous Lili. The self-proclaimed “quirky” adventure title has also been approved by the community as a title they would like to see on Valve's digital distribution service.

Other noteworthy games include Bullet Bros, the side-scrolling, physics-based action title that basically combines Contra with Just Cause 2, as two players will be able to cooperatively work together to beat the crap out of opponents using a variety of devastating weapons and vehicles. You really have to see this game in action to understand just how over-the-top it really is. Check it out below.

Another really awesome game is Breach & Clear. I didn't even know this game was on Steam's Greenlight service but I'm glad I found out about it because it's easily one of the cooler titles I've been waiting to see how Steam in quite some time. It's a tactical, overhead strategy game made in a similar vein to titles like SWAT, Breach or X-Com. You can see exactly how the game plays out in the video below.

Other titles like the high-concept platformer The Note has also been greenlit, bringing gamers the sort of gameplay that you could only find in a hipster indie game. Although, it still pales in comparison to the pretentiousness of a game like Bientôt l’été .

You can check out the full list of games that have been greenlit for Steam over on the official Steam community page. A few other highlights worth noting are The 7th Guest 3, Astral Terra and FPS Creator Reloaded. The last one, FPS Creator Reloaded, is actually a really awesome title and it's good to know that the title is arriving on Steam's digital storefront.

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