World Of Warcraft Garrosh Defeat Cutscene Reveals Next Warchief

World of Warcraft's Patch 5.4 went live earlier this week and a few guilds have already finished its new raid Siege of Orgrimmar. These guilds shared the final cutscene for the raid which depicts a huge change in the Horde's ranks.

Siege of Orgrimmar begins in the Vale of the Eternal Blossom, which has been corrupted by Garrosh Hellscream. Players will fight powerful bosses like the Sha of Pride and the Eternal Protectors. The raid group will then enter the Horde capital of Orgrimmar. After defeating Garrosh's forces, players confront the warchief himself in his inner sanctum.

Warning: spoilers ahead

Once Garrosh is defeated, the cutscene (via MMO-Champion) begins. Former warchief Thrall approaches and tries to finish Garrosh off with a swing of his hammer. However, he's stopped by Varian Wrynn, king of Stormwind. Wrynn says that it's not up to Thrall to decide his punishment. Taran Zhu and the Pandarens arrive to lug Garrosh back to Pandaria so he can stand trial.

At this point, you'll see one of two scenes depending on your faction. In the Horde version of the cutscene, troll leader Vol'jin tells Thrall that the Horde needs its true warchief back. Rather than taking up leadership again, though, Thrall decides that Vol'jin should be the new warchief. It makes sense. After all, he's the one who lead the rebellion against Garrosh. The other present Horde leaders agree with the decision.

Alliance players will see Wrynn conferring with Jaina Proudmoore. Jaina, if you recall, has gotten pretty mean since the Horde bombed Theramore. She tells Wrynn to take this opportunity to wipe out the Horde once and for all. The king tells his guards to stand ready and he steps forward.

The two versions of the cutscene merge back together here. Instead of murdering the rest of the Horde brass, Wrynn declares an end to the war. No hugs or handshakes are exchanged, though. Wrynn warns that if the Horde acts dishonorably like Garrosh, the Alliance will wipe them out.

And so ends the story for Patch 5.4. This won't be the end of the conflict between the Alliance and Horde but maybe they'll stay out of each other's cities for awhile. Garrosh's survival is an interesting twist on things. I'm wondering whether his trial will be part of a future patch or perhaps the next expansion.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.