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Xbox One Screenshot Feature Revealed By Microsoft

The Xbox One is in the process of receiving an update that will enable instant screenshots. I know, I know, PC gamers are saying “So the Xbox One is finally getting a 'Print Screen' function?” and PS4 gamers are probably saying “Welcome to the party.” But as the old saying goes, better late than never.

Engadget spotted a recent tweet from the head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, who gave gamers a tease of what's to come for the Xbox One on the software front with the ability to snag a screenshot of a game, achievement or event with the simple press of a button.

Spencer makes a simple message accompanied with a screenshot of a game being played where the digital user menu pops up and shows a prompt that enables gamers to snap a screenshot with the simple press of the 'Y' button. Check it out below.

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The feature would allow gamers to finally save some of their most monumental achievements, such as beating all of main campaign modes in Halo: The Master Chief Collection and then beating the final boss in epic fashion and capture the moment and the achievement with a screenshot. The feature could also be used to snap some of those cinematic moments during games, like GTA V... where Rockstar ramped up the visual atmosphere in the game for the Xbox One and PS4. You could then climb up to the highest peaks and tallest buildings and snap a screenshot that you can share with friends, family or rivals alike.

Of course, with Spencer teasing the features to the Xbox community, it sent a nice little bump into the social media metaverse where everyone wanted to know when the new feature would be introduced to Xbox gamers.

On Twitter, Spencer responded saying...

blockquote> “Team will do a proper intro to the feature when it's ready for preview. UI and activation is all debug right now.”

Could this mean we might be seeing the new screenshot feature make the March roll out for the Xbox OS update? No guarantees.

Microsoft has been rather adept lately in finally getting out user requested features for the console. The screenshot feature is a nice addition, but it probably sat second fiddle for the longest to other requested features, such as the native DLNA support, which arrived after a lengthy wait and a whole lot of begging on the Xbox support forums. The company has also been a lot more generous with their free monthly games.

At this point, Microsoft appears to be heading into the optimization and special feature territory now that they have a lot of the basics covered. Plus, I'm sure they're getting all kinds of new feedback thanks to the expanded install base following the consistent price drops and promotional media blitz over the holiday season.

With a lot of the negative DRM news now firmly behind them, Microsoft can (hopefully) start focusing on securing more original IP, expanding their brand acquisitions and turning the Xbox One into more of a must-have console. Screenshots certainly aren't going to win over the more cynical gamers, but additional ancillary features like this could help sway some neutrals... especially at the $350 price point.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.