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Microsoft has a week-long deal going on for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The deal will run up until March 9th and offers console owners of Microsoft's home entertainment devices some deep deals on some new games and some old classics.

Over on Major Nelson's website there are a number of titles discounted at up to 75% off. However, none of the Xbox One titles go past the 50% mark.

So what titles are available for Xbox One owners? Well, there's the Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is discounted on the Xbox Store by 50%, making the movie-based game available for $29.99 for Xbox Live Gold Subscribers. The game still couldn't quite live up to the popularity or prestige established by Activision and Beenox way back in the day with Spider-Man 2.

Assassin's Creed Unity is also discounted, with 33% knocked off the $59.99 price tag. Given all the game's patches, fixes and blunders, I imagine that it's going to be hard to convince reluctant consumers to dump coin into Ubisoft and Microsoft's coffers so soon after the game's media tour of perpetual fiascoes.

A noteworthy deal for Xbox One owners is definitely Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. The Kickstarted project managed to make waves as a decent platformer with a nice gimmick, helping it stand apart from a lot of other side-scrolling clones out there, which is kind of funny given that Giana Sisters started as a Super Mario Bros., clone. Twisted Dreams – Director's Cut is 50% off the normal $14.99 price tag.

Beyond that the rest of the discounted titles are for the Xbox 360, including Bully: Scholarship Edition, the enhanced version of the PS2 outing. There's also Team Bondi's MotionScan-powered open-world cop drama, L.A. Noire that made the cut, along with a few other Rockstar gems such as Midnight Club LA, Max Payne 3, Max Payne 3's Rockstar Pass and the unforgettable Red Dead Redemption. Every single of those Rockstar titles mentioned above are available at a 75% off discount. It's almost safe to say that Microsoft has employed Valve-quality discounts on their old, tired Xbox 360 library.

There are two more games on the Xbox 360's list that were not hit with the 75% off deal-cutter, and that's The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Both of those Activision titles are going for 63% off and 60% off, respectively.

All of the above games are only available at their named discounted prices through Microsoft's online digital storefront. Oh yeah, and you'll also need an active Xbox Live Gold account to get in on the deals.

The comment section is riddled with a lot of “mehs” and quips like “7/10... it's okay”. I think the biggest issue is that there are a lot of older titles at okay prices that you could get for a much cheaper price with better fidelity and more options (such as mods) on Steam. I do have to admit that the Bully deal and Max Payne 3 discount are pretty good. If you haven't picked up those titles yet they're well worth it. Although, again, if you want the graphics edge you'll probably want to get the PC version.

Still, you can check out the full discounts for the week or learn more by paying a visit to Major Nelson's official website.

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