Basked in the glowing cold of a distant relationship shared by icy stares and unfriendly quips, gamers trudged through the cringe-worthy pairing of Geoff Keighley and Community star Joel McHale's three hour trek of awkwardness that was Spike's VGX Awards. The “edgy” new format received unparalleled amounts of negative feedback and enough vitriolic criticism to make Bill O'Reilly's dig at birthers look like a compliment. But that's not even the worst part about it.

The worst part about last Saturday evening, December 7th, was that everyone was so busy seeing how many layers of clothing the Dorito Pope would pile on that they actually managed to miss out on one of the most important moments in gaming history: brand new, live gameplay footage of the DayZ standalone, courtesy of its lead designer, Dean “Rocket” Hall.

That's right, you all traded three hours of new content and features and details rolling out for DayZ for a night with the Pope. Oh ye of little continence.

Thankfully, there's an 18 minute recap of the three hour streaming event with the DayZ developers, showcased in the embedded video above and brought to you by the kind folks who managed to look out for the more important interests of the gaming community, Gamer Headlines.

The 18 minute recap is chock full of useful information about the upcoming early access release of the DayZ standalone, poised and nearly ready to take off like a group of Mormons heading back to Utah after visiting east L.A., for the very first time. Loitering hotel hallway pimps can do that to a person.

We find out that users are able to move and equip items now. Previously, in the Arma 2 version of the mod you had to stop to switch items and weapons, making it a pain when you're being chased by a bunch of zeds to switch off your empty Makarov.

We get to see some new backpack gear and how shooting up someone can affect the gear they're wearing, making it harder for you to loot their stuff when it's all damaged. I really like this feature here because it forces people to want to keep potential threats alive. Basically you could tell someone to hold up their hands and then cuff them to avoid shooting them and possibly damaging some good gear you might need.

The one thing that I found most impressive was the revamped Cherno. We get to see a bunch of enterable buildings where “Rocket” and Brian scoured through the various apartments, showcasing prime sniping opportunities and a great way to barricade yourself in a tiny apartment to either way out a zed pack or hide from bandits. Also, can you imagine a group of bandits searching each and every apartment while you attempt to hide under a bed or something? Talk about thrilling moments.

There's still no due date on the DayZ early access alpha for Steam, but we all know it's coming and we all know it's coming soon.

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