ZRRO: What It Is And What You Need To Know

New game consoles come and go all the time. We've had a number of new consoles arrive during this generation that take a different approach to gaming than in past generations. Some of the new-gen consoles in this era are focused around mobile games. In fact, the latest console is called ZRRO and you may not have heard about it until today.

The whole purpose of this article is to enlighten and inform gamers and consumers about the upcoming ZRRO game console and what it means for gamers during this eighth-gen era. You can scroll through to find out what the console is about, how much it'll cost and what new features it'll bring to the table.

What Is The ZRRO?

The ZRRO is a new Android-based game console. It's designed to enable gamers to play more than a million Android titles on the big screen. The console was actually Kickstarted by ZRRO Ltd., through crowd-funding to the tune of $200,000. The small console supports wireless controller play, and – at the time of the console's crowd-funding goal being reached – the team had an 802 SoC planned for the base hardware to power the console, but it was mentioned that they're aiming for an 812 SoC Android setup to pull as much power out of the console as possible. The ZRRO is also capable of running some Android games at 4K resolution. The tagline is that it's just like playing tablet games, except on your TV.

What's Up With The Controller?

The ZRRO uses a wireless controller called a “hoverpad”. It's a little like the Wii U's Gamepad except it doesn't have any game-centric buttons. The only three buttons on the controller is for home, return and the menu. It's different from the traditional touchpad in the sense that you don't just touch the controller screen to manipulate the on-screen actions of a game, you can use your fingers to hover over the controller for sensitivity-based controls and gestures. Lowering or raising your finger over the controller will increase or decrease pressure, which can be used for things like raising or lowering space ships or causing a character to duck or stand up. It's hard to tell right now how well this new hoverpad will work for fast-paced shooters and arcade titles, but we'll find out as it nears release.

How Much Will It Cost?

According to a press representative for ZRRO Ltds., the ZRRO console doesn't have a final price tag yet. However, I was informed that the console will have a price-range between $160 and $180 for pre-orders. The slightly beefed up hardware under the hood and the hoverpad is basically where the costs are going. The $180 price tag is just cheap enough to attract people looking for a game console that aren't willing to put $400 into the PS4 or Xbox One. However, the real question becomes whether or not gamers sitting on the fence will forgo the Wii U, Xbox One or PS4 to purchase a ZRRO for Android games?

Is This Going To Be Another OUYA?

The OUYA's biggest problem was that it came onto the market with a rather scattered and disjointed software line-up. It was an Android console with limited access to Android games. ZRRO is promising access to more than 300,000 Android apps right out of the gate; and since the ZRRO uses the hoverpad instead of a traditional controller it's already designed with native touchpad support for Android titles, so they don't need to be retrofitted for the ZRRO. The company is also opening up the SDK for developers so they'll have access to the ZRRO software library to make exclusive titles for the console, if they want.

So When Can I Buy A ZRRO?

According to the Kickstarter page, the ZRRO will be shipping out to backers this October. A representative for the company also mentioned that they will be working with various distribution sources to get the ZRRO on store shelves. If they can land a distribution deal by the October release window, we could be seeing ZRROs on local retailer shelves competing with Valve's Steam Machines, which are also due to launch this fall. You can learn more about the ZRRO Box and its hoverpad controller by visiting the Kickstarter page or the official ZRRO Box website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.